Have you looked at Pear DB

This is what i use all the time and allows me to easily switch between mysql, mssql and postresql which i do all the time


Nabil wrote:
I have an Linux server running Apache/PHP/MySQL.
and I need to connect to another server running  MSSQL server 7

THE POINT IS  the only way I have to connect is throu ODBC connection
because the network administrator only allowed me to connect thru port 1433
that ODBC uses..

I tried to make it direct connection, but this way uses many ports that the
firewall won't allowed..
He said for security reasons that he can't open those ports to prevents
hackers to use them ... do u think this is a true ? any advice what port the
direct connection uses??? does it uses NetBIOS?

if he was right ... so I have to change to ODBC
I heard about FreeDTS and iODBC, but I need some advice and notes to make it
easy for me..

Please HELP.. and your valuable comments will be appreciated..


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