Yep the subject may sound confusing so let me explain.

I have this message board that uses PHP and mysql. 
Now I had to transfer the whole lot to my server, but
due to the change and a domain registration the actual
path to images in messages has changed.  So in the
post on the old host it shows their file format to the
image but on my server it is different.  It used to
use the directory board but now uses the root
directory of the domain.

So in the post field of the mysql it shows their
message and the image code to the image and any more

So something like this:

Hi bob <img src="domain.com/emotions/board/laugh.gif">
all is well, cya!

So old posts have the wrong image location but new
posts show the correct place to the image as it's
configured to do it but old posts since they are
already in the database show up wrong.

Is there a way to edit _part_ of the post.  To fix the
image url.  Is there a mysql query I can use to edit
where board/emotions with /emotions?

I am not sure if there is a way but I expect it can't
be done but thought I'd ask.


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