Don't know if this got answered yet. I usually do this by checking the
variable before submitting the form and then adjusting the form action.  It
turns out to be a JavaScript problem.

}else if(var=="b"){

If you need to, or prefer to, check it on the server-side, then you can a
create a form with hidden fields in the first post to hold all the post
data, and then check the variable, then perform a second post using the
onload method to post to the correct program as required.



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I have a small problem.  I need to have a form post to two different
locations.  If a variable is a certain value, it goes to location_one.cgi
and if it is another value, it goes to location_two.cgi.  This may turn out
be a html problem but I figured php was the way to go since it is more
dynamic.  Any help is appreciated.

- Rick

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