On Friday 18 July 2003 13:27, JeRRy wrote:

> But won't update update the what I input.  I only need
> PART of the post to update, only the selected url area
> and want the remaining of the message to be unchanged.
>  Won't the update change the whole message?  I think
> it does, I only need part of the message to be edited
> and that is the URL the text needs to be unchanged.
> I have over 9,000 posts to update and fix the image
> url for it.  I can't afford to muddle up the posts.

You can update individual fields in a record but you can't directly update 
part of a field.

You have to loop through all the records and either use the MySQL function 
INSERT() or use some php code to replace what you need to replace, using 

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