Full text searches only work against fulltext indexes.


This isn't a PHP issue.


On Fri, 18 Jul 2003 09:42:17 +0200, Angelo Zanetti wrote:

>I have a table which contains 3 fields (ID, Title, Abstract) the title and abstract 
>fields have been fulltext indexes like this:
>ALTER TABLE biblio ADD FULLTEXT (title,abstract);
>that worked fine, however my problem is whenever I want to do a select statement only 
>comparing 1 of the columns to inputted data ( in a Select statement):
>$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM Biblio WHERE MATCH (title) AGAINST 
>It gives me this error: Can't find FULLTEXT index matching the column list. It 
>appears that i cant just compare a single fulltext indexed column if there are other 
>fulltext indexed columns. When I try it with both columns then it works but I just 
>want to compare 1 column. eg: 
>$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM Biblio WHERE MATCH (title, abstract) AGAINST 
>So is there anyway that I can just compare 1 column with text entered? Do I have t 
>make some sort of temporary table to do this? All the examples I have found show the 
>select statement with 2 columns or if they use 1 coumn its because there is only 1 
>column in their table.
>Any help would be appreciated!

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