C'mon, think about it.

Connect to the database at the top of your page - if you can't connect either error out and die, or branch to alternate output.

As far as lack of error reporting is concerned, check and see what level of error reporting is set on the server; the manual has a helpful section on this as well as how to set up and configure .htacess if your ISP has all error reporting turned off.

If you are running locally, you can adjust the level of error reporting.

There are lots of examples in the PHP manual.

Couple of things: I know PHP and Apache 2 are not a recommended combination on LInux, you may be better off with 1.3.x. Aren't you also running a beta or rc version of MySQL - stable is still 3.x, isn't it? You may have two alternate sources of breakage there.

Cheers - Miles Thompson

At 12:00 AM 7/20/2003 +1000, Hanxue Lee wrote:

I am using PHP 4.3.1, Apache 2.0.46 and MySQL 4.0.12 on Windows 2000
Processional Edition.

All the code are working fine, with only one exception. When I shut
down the database, the PHP script will continue running normally until
it reaches the part where information is retrieved from the database.
Then, the HTML output just hangs there. No error, nothing.

How can I detect this type of error? Any way I can set some timeout
limit, etc?

Thank you in advance.

Yours truly, Hanxue

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