Hi Guys,
I have the following query which unfortunately has to grab all records
in a table (well over 3000) to display in a multiple select box.
                $manufQuery = db_query("SELECT manufacturer FROM
                while ($manufResults = db_fetch($manufQuery)) {
                <option value=""><?php echo $manufResults[manufacturer];
$threadQuery = db_query("SELECT id,colour,colourID FROM kcs_threads
LIMIT 10");
while ($threadResults = db_fetch($threadQuery)) {
                $threadselectQuery = db_query("SELECT * FROM
kcs_patternthreads WHERE pattern_index='$id'");
                while ($threadselectResult =
db_fetch($threadselectQuery)) {
                <option value="<?php echo $threadResults[id]; ?>" <?php
if ($threadselectResult[thread_index] == $threadResults[id]) echo
"checked"; ?>><?php echo $threadResults[colour]; ?></option>
Can ANYONE see a way to speed up the query and displaying of the
results? Take a while on High Speed and WAAAAY to long on Dialup.
Thanks a lot

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