I have found the best strategy is to setup an ODBC link to an alternative to the database. As an example, I had a mysql database "intranet", and I created an ODBC link to, with the MySQL ODBC drivers (from the site), and then opened up Microsoft Access. Went file => get external data => import data, selected the tables, and bingo, they were in Microsoft Access, mdb format. I would expect you should be able to do the same thing with Fox 2.0, and any other database that you have a GUI for. I know most systems come with ODBC drivers for Foxpro,


Norma Ramirez - TECNOSOFT wrote:

Hi all, does any one how export data from mysql to fox 2.0? I have to capture data from a php form and store in mysql database, and then export those data or generate a .dbf table. Thank´s a lot.

Norma Ramirez

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