Has anybody used this feature.

I am trying to get it to send a file via email.  

It shows that it has found the file, but it will not send the file to the
emails specified

$mail['admin']          = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]";
$mail['from']           = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]";
$mail['subject']        = "Web Submission"; 
$mail['text']           = "Attached is your data, submitted on

        $dir = dir($params['pdf_fldr']);
        while ($file_name = $dir->read()) {
                if (strpos($file_name, "_at_") != false) {print "match 13 ::
". $file_name ."\n";
                        $mailer = htmlMimeMail();  
                        $attach =
                        $mailer->addAttachment($attach, $file_name,
                        $result = $mailer->send(array($mail['admin'],
str_replace(array('_at_','.com'), array('@','.com'), $
                        print "\tmailed :: \n";
                        $result = ($result == 1) ? 'Mail sent!<br>' :
'Failed to send mail<br>';
                        if ($params['pdf_mail'] != "") {
                                $moved =
copy($params['pdf_fldr'].$file_name, $params['pdf_mail'].$file_name);
                                if ($moved != false) { print "moved
folder\n"; }


When I look at the log that is created from the from the cron it tells me
that was there and found, but it will not mail it out:

X-Powered-By: PHP/4.1.2
Content-type: text/html

match 13 :: ryan_at_hgilive.com.pdf


So I am curious if anybody has played with something like this and knows
where I am going wrong. I am pretty sure that it is something that I am
going to kick myself for.


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