Leif K-Brooks wrote:

Ohhh.. sorry for that. it's quite simple, i'm wondering if
we can have something like those in-line functions in C++:
class someCLASS {
    var $varLength;
    // .... other stuff....
    inline function length() {
        return $this->varLength;
i expect it will make PHP script speed up a bit, coding
easier, etc... but not sure it will do or not.   :)
What would be the difference (besides putting the word "inline" in front
of the function)?

i'm not quite sure, so correct me if i'm wrong.

  in C++ definition, a length() statement, in this example,
  will be replaced directly by the value of $this->varLength
  at runtime, instead of passing control to the length() function,
  returning the value, exit and then returning control to up

-- // Donny

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