I'm trying to work out an application using the modular example of Post-Nuke, etc.

But I'm having difficulty understanding how to pass any number of variables back to the modules. For example, to send data collected in a user registration form I might use:

user_register($name, $address, $phone);

with a function:

function user_register($name, $addr, $phone) { ... }

But in the Post-Nuke model everything is routed through gateway pages in the top-level directory and sent on to the modules. The function as called on the gateway page makes no mention of the individual variables - in fact the function call is universal, and the actual call is built on the fly from other variables in the URL string.

There is a collection of $GLOBAL variables, e.g.:

$var = array_merge($GLOBALS['HTTP_GET_VARS'], $GLOBALS['HTTP_POST_VARS']);

but this does not seem to gather the variables from a form (at least I'm not seeing them when I test).

Does anyone know what I'm missing here? Is there any way to generically collect the fields from a form and pass them with their keys (i.e. it should work for any number of fields). I'm sorry if this isn't perfectly clear - it may need someone conversant with Post-Nuke or similar apps.

Thank you,

I think I'm going to have a follow up to this one, but I'll wait and see if my understanding increases.

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