I have problems with firebird database files which are > 2GB.

Till today everything works good but, now one database file is > then 2 GB
and I have this error message in my log:

[23-Jul-2003 22:54:02] PHP Warning:  InterBase: I/O error for file
"/web/test.gdb" Error while trying to open file File too large  in
/web/test.inc on line 38

in the script on line 38 is:

when I use this line
or connect through isql in shell.

everything works good. (No error). But I want connect to my database directly
through php and libgds.so, and not via gds_inet_server on localhost.

I trie to compile php module in several ways, check the versions of libs
(libgds.so) but with no success.
Can anybody send some suggestion to me?

Not sure that I can help, but TCP/IP access to Firebird is by far the bast way to go anyway.

This is probably a hangover from the fact that the php module is quite old, and the best place to discuss it is on the Firebird-php list on yahoo. We do have ONE person who has been fixing bugs in the php module ;)


Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services

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