Very interesting...and extremely helpful.

It's amazing the major difference a little 'exit;' can make.

Many thanks for saving my sanity,


Aaron Wolski wrote:

>if (strftime("%H") == "03")
>       header( "Location: maintainence.php" );
>       exit;
>Note the exit; line.
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>Sent: July 24, 2003 10:09 AM
>Subject: [PHP-DB] Line of code should work...but doesn't
>I've been going a little crazy here with a single line of code that 
>should work, but doesn't. It's probably has something to do with the 
>fact that I've been staring at pages of code for months on end.
>In order to make user that nobody is screwing with the database while 
>the daily backups and maintainence are running, I decided to make a 
>little thing that would keep people from logging in, etc. Here's the
>if (strftime("%H") == "03") { header( "Location: maintainence.php" ); }
>In theory, if it's any time between 03:00:00 and 03:59:59 the user 
>should be redirected to the page maintainence.php, but when testing it 
>passes over this line without a blip. Any ideas?
>Feeling fried,

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