i am making a simple search form
how can i search more than one table for the same word
i used a query and it failed
here it is
@ $db = mysql_connect("localhost");

$test_tr = mysql_query("select newdvd.date, newpcgames.date, olddvd.date, screener.date,
newdvd.type, newpcgames.type, olddvd.type, screener.type,
newdvd.name, newpcgames.name, olddvd.name, screener.name,
newdvd.cds, newpcgames.cds, olddvd.cds, screener.cds,
newdvd.downloader, newpcgames.downloader, olddvd.downloader, screener.downloader, where newdvd.name like '%".$word."%'
or newpcgames.name like '%".$word."%' or olddvd.name like '%".$word."%' or screener.name like '%".$word."%'");

while ($record=mysql_fetch_array($test_tr)){

echo "
<TR onmouseover=\"this.bgColor='000000'\" onmouseout=\"this.bgColor='475674'\" bgColor=#475674>
<TD width=75>
<DIV align=center><FONT
echo stripslashes($record['date']) ;
echo "</FONT></DIV></TD>
<TD width=50>
<DIV align=left><FONT color=white>";
echo stripslashes($record['type']) ;
echo "</FONT></DIV></TD>
<TD><FONT color=#ffffff><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A
echo stripslashes($record['link']);
echo "\" target=_new1>";
echo stripslashes($record['name']);
echo "</A>&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong></FONT></TD>

<TD width=40>
<DIV align=left><FONT color=#ffffff><A
echo stripslashes($record['subtitle']);
echo "\">";
echo stripslashes($record['cds']);
echo "</FONT></DIV></TD>
<TD width=50>
<DIV align=left><FONT color=#ffffff><A
echo stripslashes($record['downloaderlink']);
echo "\">";
echo stripslashes($record['downloader']);
echo "</A></FONT></DIV></TD>

</TR> "; } echo "</TBODY></TABLE>";

can anyone help please.

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