Aaron Wolski wrote:

Hi Guys,
Have a multiple select box. I'm trying to group columns and display
records under their paired groupings.
What I'd like is to display them like:
Manufactuer - Type
Manufacturer - Type
Manufacturer - Type
I tried this code but only seems to group one TYPE and move onto the
next manufacturer and group that type.:
echo "<select name=\"patternThreads[]\" size=\"10\" multiple
$query = "select t.manufacturer, t.id, t.colour, t.colourID, t.type,
p.thread_index FROM kcs_threads t LEFT JOIN kcs_patternthreads p ON t.id
= p.thread_index WHERE p.pattern_index = '$id' OR p.pattern_index IS
NULL ORDER BY t.manufacturer, t.type";
$thread_manufacturer = '';
$thread_types = '';
$result = db_query($query);
while($thread = db_fetch($result)) {
if($thread_manufacturer !=
$thread['manufacturer']) { echo "<option value=\"\"
$thread_manufacturer =
if($thread_types != $thread['type']) { echo " -
$thread_types =
echo "</option>\n";
echo "</select>\n";
Any idea's where I am going wrong?

Wouldn't it just be:

while($thread = db_fetch($result)) {
echo "<option value=\"\" class=\"adminEditLink\">{$thread['manufacturer']} - {$thread['type']}</option>\n";

Although I don't see where you're setting a value for the <option> in your code.

---John Holmes...

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