Hi Guys,
Rather long topic I know. Sorry if it annoyed anyone.
Hopefully someone can help here with the logic on this.
I have a query where I am getting one column (designers) in a Table,
ordered alphabetically.
Right now.. this query is displaying EVERY distinct result (45 in
total). This result is used for a subcategory menu on a page. I need to
shorten this up considerably.
What I would like to do is:
Pattern Designers:
Artists Collection The
Barrick Samplers
Bent Creek
Bobbie G. Designs
Calico Crossroads
Charland Designs
Country Cross Stitch
Click for D/E/F
Click for G/H/I
Click for J/K/L
When the user clicks on one of the another Letter Groupings... the
"A/B/C" changes to whatever they selected as does the displayed results
for their selection.
Is this even possible?

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