I cobbled together a really quick and dirty PHP to run a "dice-rolling" 

Sometimes, it works great.  Other times, it gets into some weird 
state, when strange extra characters are injected into variable values 
and/or variable NAMES even!  

You can see an uploaded version at http://www.westergaard.ca/dierolling.
php - if you key in something like "30d100+40 k20" (by which I mean 
roll 30 "100-sided" dice, keep the best 20, and add 40 to the resulting 
sum), then click "roll" a few times, you'll probably notice that 
at some point, the string "+/-" in the help text disappears.  The 
next time you click "Roll" the system will stop giving roll results,
will reset to rolling "3d6", and will ignore input.

I've struggled with this till I'm red in the face.  I'm stumped. 
Please, Help! :)
I've also uploaded the source at http://www.westergaard.ca/dierolling.

The webserver at westergaard.ca is Linux, but I've also tested this 
on a Win2000 IIS webserver, and have the exact same results.  

If anyone has any clue what is going on, I'd really appreciate a 


Peter Westergaard
[EMAIL PROTECTED]         ###   ICQ#: 10294457
http://www.westergaard.ca/   ###   http://courtly.livejournal.com 
'Our response to being bored and rich is not to discard our possessions 
and live more simply, 
but to buy more stuff to reduce the space in which we might contemplate 
our shame.'
- Stuart Jeffries "Robots without a cause"

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