Will urldecode() work for you on the PHP side or do you have to convert
everything in the database?


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> Subject: [PHP-DB] updating a column based on info from 
> another coluimn?
> Desperate!
> Hi All,
> This is OT but I am in need of serious help.
> I am rewriting URL's for a site and came across an issue with 
> spaces in
> URLS having %20 applied to them. I can't seem to find a solution with
> mod_rewrite to get rid of the %20 and replace with - (hyphen) so I am
> hoping someone can help me here with an MySQL solution.
> I have over 4000 records in a table. I've added a new column in that
> table called newUrl
> Is it possible with a QUERY to take from the 'designers' column and
> write into the 'newUrl' column and replace spaces with - at the same
> time?
> I'm probably talking out my a$$ here but I am a little desperate for a
> solutions.
> Thanks in advance and again my apologies for the OT message.
> Aaron

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