It depends what you're looking for in an editor...

Dreamweaver's nice because it shows you the arguments for all the
functions - but takes far too long to load for me to do a quick hack on a
script, so I only use it when I'm planning on spending the next few hours
coding on a particular site thats set up within dreamweaver.

I also use vi... both on windows(!) and linux for quick hacks (and it works
throu SSH)... it dosn't give arguments for functions but still has nice
colour coding that I like. (

Craig Roberts

"Jim" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
There are only a few, probably less than 50, depending on your OS (you didn
t mention what OS you are using), If you go to Google and type in "free PHP
editor" you will see them all. Try them out and see which one suites your
style. Or look through the archives of this list and see what comments
people have made on the various editors all of the other times this question
has been asted recently.


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From: Norma Ramirez - TECNOSOFT
Date: Saturday, August 02, 2003 08:36:30
To: lista php
Subject: [PHP-DB] Free php editor!!

Hi, does any one know if exist a free php editor like DreamWeaver? =) I know
DreamW itīs too much than an editor with all of the
duties... but I need something free...

Norma Ramirez

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