Hi All,
Been trying to come up with a way to make the following queries into one
which would speed up the processing I think.
$mQuery = db_query("SELECT manufacturer FROM kcs_threads GROUP BY
manufacturer ORDER BY manufacturer");
while ($mResult = db_fetch($mQuery)) {
                $query = "select t.type, t.newUrlType, g.threadType,
g.groupName, g.groupNameUrl
 FROM kcs_threads t LEFT JOIN kcs_threadgroups g ON t.type =
 g.threadType WHERE t.manufacturer =
".escapeQuote($mResult['manufacturer'])." ORDER BY t.type, g.groupName";
                $result = db_query($query);
                while($thread = db_fetch($result)) {
In the first query I am grabbing the Manufacturer from the threads
Then in the second query I am making a LEFT JOIN to match up some stuff
based on the t.manufactuer equalling the manufacturer of the first
ANY possibilities here or is this it?

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