The file sizes of the original file (kat_y_justin.jpg) and the downloaded
file (kat_y_justin_dl.jpg) are only slightly different:

-rw-r--r--  1 justin  staff  30877 Aug  3 14:37 kat_y_justin.jpg
-rw-r--r--  1 justin  staff  30884 Aug  3 15:15 kat_y_justin_dl.jpg

I'll do the bug report tomorrow morning at if nobody else does it
first.  Thanks!


> Hi Justin
> Would you please write a bug-report at
> My problem is similar: scripts which run properly with PHP 4.2.2 don't
> display anything with PHP 4.3.x.
>> The functions in PHP to upload a large object work
>> fine,
> ...
>> The cmp command clearly shows that the downloaded file is different:
> I found that pg_lo_import() doesn't upload the whole file but only a
> few bytes. Are you sure that the filesize of your pg_largeobject
> entries is the same than the filesize of your uploaded file?
> pg_lo_open() doesn't return a valid handler if running on Win2000. So
> uploaded files are not displayed. (See the bugs database at
>> Any ideas or should I start digging through the PHP source code?
> Thanks!
> Sorry, no ideas but the same problem ;-)
> Regards
> Conni

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