This doesn't have much to do with PHP and databases, but here's a thought:

You can leave them all .htm and have apache treat .htm files as .php files. Just check out httpd.conf for configuration. If your box is sufficiently zippy, you will see now slow down by running pure html files through PHP.


David Blomstrom wrote:

I'm just about ready to publish my first "professionally" designed website, but there's a catch - all the pages end in .htm extensions, but I'm hoping to eventually learn how to use php and add some technical functions. Thus, I'd have to go back and change the .htm extensions to .php.

So, could I change all the extensions to .php NOW, so search engines will register them in the first place - even though I'm not currently using php? Will a page that has no server side includes, database management functions, etc. act just the same with a .php extension as it would with a .htm extension? In other words, is there a DISADVANTAGE to giving a page a .php extension if I'm not actually using any php functions on it?

Also, I like to name my pages index and place them inside folders, so I can access them easier on the Internet. For example, I can access by typing into a browser. Does it work the same with php, or would I have to type in

I recently downloaded a preconfigured package with Apache, PHP and MySQL, but I haven't had a chance to work with it yet. I'm really racing the clock to get my websites revised, so I'll probably try to get them online first, then go back and try to learn php and add server side includes and databases as I find time.


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