Hi Guys,
I've tried several different things with the following 2 queries but
nothing seem to help. I've stared at the code and reworked it for hours
on end and frankly I am getting frustrated.
I'm only posting the queries themselves without the PHP code as the
entire section is quite long. If someone wants it I'd be more than happy
to post it as well.
ANY help or guidance is very much appreciated. I'm so far beyond
frustrated it isn't funny :-(
Thanks in advance.
$mQuery = db_query("SELECT DISTINCT manufacturer FROM kcs_threads ORDER
BY manufacturer");
while ($mResult = db_fetch($mQuery)) {
                //HTMl here
                $query = "select t.type, t.newUrlType, g.threadType,
g.groupName, g.groupNameUrl
                FROM kcs_threads t LEFT JOIN kcs_threadgroups g ON
t.type = g.threadType
                WHERE t.manufacturer =
                ORDER BY t.type, g.groupName";
                $result = db_query($query);
                while($thread = db_fetch($result)) {
                                //If validations and HTML display here

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