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I'm noticing on this mailing list a ton of people saying "Here's my
project, wanna help?", there are also a ton of questions that are VERY
easily answered in the MySQL documentation and even in PHP's manual.

The only reason I am saying any of this is mainly because Google has
become such a "find anything, or at least something" search engine. Is
anyone looking for the answer before asking the masses!

The open source community has come a long way in documentation. USE IT!

Ben Lake

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Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2003 10:36 AM
Subject: [PHP-DB] search doc in dB

I have a project were I need to create a search mechanism for a large
number of documents. I have already created a dB containing the Doc
name, its URL location on the hard drive and a description. The search
is being done against the document name. The complaint I am getting is
that the users may not know the name of the document or may need to do a
search against the contents of a document in order to get a list of
documents listed by relevance.

1. Will PHP fopen read .pdf as well as .doc types if I upload them into
a table column with the BLOB type set 2. I need to create a search
script that will search the title and/or contents and return a list of
relevant documents

Any assistance would be appreciated. Eventually I hope to be able to use
the dB to not only search but to allow the retrieval of the document
instead of having them stored in another location on the hard drive.
This will allow me to set up another level of security.

Thanks in advance for your help...


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