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It depends what you send in your SQL statement ($sqlstmt), as far as i know
Interbase need only commit-statements depending on your I-Base server
setting AUTO-COMMIT=Tue/False. And only then when you send UPDATE queries.
For SELECT statements you dont need a COMMIT. But beware that you left with
an active result set when you do not send a COMMIT.

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"Evan Morris" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schreef in bericht
> Hi
> I am new to using PHP with Interbase.
> If I want to issue a query, I use:
> $sth = ibase_query ($dbh, $sqlstmt);
> I am assuming this issues the query to the database, and commits at the
> time? Do I need to release anything after having done this, or does it
> care of that by itself?
> Thanks
> Evan Morris
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