I am having a problem with a query that has a pound sign in it. The results are quite puzzling, it seems like the page doesn't load if the query is present. I have tested this on other tables without the pound sign and they work beautifully, seems like the pound sign is the troublemaker to me.

Printing $sql returns the proper sql statement, so what is the sybase_query function doing to the variable?

My code is at the bottom of this page.



include "$DOCUMENT_ROOT/include/sybase.inc";

$syb_connect = syb_connect($syb_server, $syb_user, $syb_pw);

$sql = "select * from item where bib# = 300";
print "sql=$sql";
$result = sybase_query($sql);

//print "someting";
while($row = Sybase_Fetch_Assoc($result)){
        print "$tag $text<br>";



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