Yes. Itis with enter key. It will not be possible to pre-determine the length as this field is supposed to be a news field.

I'm lost as to how to go about this as the enter key does not generate chr(13) when saving. I'm really lost.

Holmes directed me to I'm currently going thru it. It seems they all exepected an HTML input.


Andrew D. Luebke wrote:

Well, as one of the last posts said, if you are displaying in a web browser, via HTML, you need to insert <br> tags where you want the text to go to the next line. HTML doesn't respond to /r/n pairs. So if that is how the user types them in (with a enter key at the end of lines) you need to replace with <br>'s if there are no EOL's in the original text you need to decide on some arbitrary length and insert <br> at that point.


At 12:03 AM 8/10/2003, Budelak wrote:

The text are type into an input field by the user who is nonot a programmer at all. This inputt field updates the database that is later called up for display.

Andrew D. Luebke wrote:

How are the paragraph breaks represented in the original text? You have have to detect the paragraph breaks and change to a /r/n.
At 11:40 PM 8/9/2003, Budelak wrote:

Can someone help with this problem I've been trying to solve but don't how to.

I have a field of type longtext that contains text with paragraphs at the time of entry.

But when I display this text content, the paragraphs are not shown. Everything will just appear in one long text with no paragraph break.

Bunmi Akinmboni

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