Gerard Samuel wrote:

Most likely its not a PHP issue, but looking to see if anyone has run into this.
I've inserted a serialized string, into a CLOB column.
Trying to retrieve the column returns no results.

If anyone has any DB2 experience, I'd be grateful if I can bounce a few questions to you

Thanks for any advice/tips you may provide...

I did a few more tests last night, and the problem isn't with serialized data.
Im currently testing to see if a result contains returned data by issuing odbc_num_rows()
The wierd thing is that if I try to select a CLOB column (this is what Im using at the moment, but I believe it applies to all LOBs),
odbc_num_rows() would return -1
If I do not select a CLOB (ie INTEGER, VARCHAR this is what Im currently testing with) column, odbc_num_rows() would return the
correct number of rows.
I've read about odbc_num_rows() returning -1 for some databases, but that statement alludes me to believe that it either works,
or doesn't work for a database. Not whether it will work for some sql conditions.
So Im not sure if this is a bug or not.
Im currently testing with PHP 4.3.3R2, IBM DB2 8.1 Personal Edition on win2k/IIS 5
If what Ive noticed is the expected behaviour, please let me know so I'll know whether or not
to fill out a bug report...
If anyone wants more information, please let me know...


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