This is how I implemented a similar though not exactly the same problem:

$tempdate = gmdate("d-m-Y");

$insertSQL = sprintf("INSERT INTO gennews (newsdate, newsheadline, country, newsfull) VALUES ($tempdate, %s, %s, %s);

So, you only have to change the format of the gmdate what you want.


Richard Hutchins wrote:

Don't know about your date format, but you have named your table column DATE
which is a reserved keyword in MySQL. Try naming that something different
and see if you still get the error.

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Hello, I have the following PHP code:

$date = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");
$result = mysql_query("INSERT INTO Boats (Make, Model, Serial, Stock, Extension, Cust_Name, Store, Date) VALUES
('$make', '$model', '$serial', '$stock', '$extension', '$name', '$store', '$date'")
or die("Invalid query: " . mysql_error() . "</body></html>");

The problem is with the Date column. It is of type DATETIME. I get an error on the second line of the insert statement. I assume I'm not putting formatting the date-time variable correctly but I've tried everything I can think of, so any help is very much appreciated. Thanks.


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