i have read an article on IBM's developerWorks website.
its title should be "Leverage your Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Skills to Learn
DB2 UDB Version 8"

that should help you.

"Gerard Samuel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ??????:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Robert Twitty wrote:
> >Unless I am mistaken, but isn't there an ODBC driver available for MySQL
> >called MyODBC?
> >
> >-- bob
> >
> I haven't a clue.  Ill look, maybe it will help me create drivers for my
> DB layer, as I already know MySQL.
> Last night I successfully connected to IBM's DB2, but I didnt get far
> past that as I have to figure out,
> how to create tables, figure out how it likes its schemas etc, to really
> give it a work out...

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