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Goodie wrote:

> Did you change any of the database settings?  Are you getting an error 
> after your call to mysql_select_db()?

Thanks for responding. No, I didn't change the database settings, but I 
don't know if they were changed in the binary (rpm) installed with the 
update. I can't even get as far as to select a database.

I see now that I *cannot* connect through the mysql_connect() function. 
Though I have specified connection parameters as
mysql_connect("", "userid", "password"),
the values in that function are not passed to mysql, and the default php 
host and user seem to be taken instead, without the password being 
passed to mysql. (But when I try resetting default host and user in php.
ini, the newly specified defaults are not used.)

Again, this same function works just fine on my single-processor servers 
running the same versions of php and mysql, but not on either of two 
dual-processor I've tried.


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