I'm not making two connections, I'm making one and only one call to
mysql_connect.  Also, there is no way in that function as per the definition
page of it (http://us3.php.net/mysql_connect) to have the database selected
as per your example below.

With my connection though, when I do:
$dbh = Mysql_connect(blah, blah, blah)

I do call:
Mysql_query("query", $dbh);

For some reason even though I am calling mysql_select_db("db1") it is
latching onto the first available database it has access to (or not as the
case/permissions may be) and chooses "db2" instead.

I don't know why, connecting to the MySQL 3.23 it selects the right
database, connecting to the Mysql 4.x server it doesn't allow a selecting of
the table even though I do the select function and it returns true as it was
selected properly.

On 8/16/03 12:23 AM this was written:

> If you are doing this:
> $dbh = mysql_connect("db1", blah blah blah);
> $dbh2 = mysql_connect("db2", blah blah blah);
> Then
> $r = mysql_query("select * from mytable");
> will use the db2 connection, because it is the most recent.  However, if
> you do this:
> $r = mysql_query("select * from mytable", $dbh);
> it will use the first connection, as specified in the handle that is passed
> back by mysql_connect.  mysql_query uses the most recent connection by
> default; you can override this action by specifying which DB handle to use
> for a given query.  Replace $dbh with $dbh2 to select from tables on the
> second database.
> Peter
> On Fri, 15 Aug 2003, Thomas Deliduka wrote:
>> Here's the stats:
>> Two servers:
>> Server 1, Mysql 4.0.12, PHP 4.3.2, apache 1.3.27
>> Server 2, Mysql 4.0.14, PHP 4.3.2, apache 1.3.27


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