Hello Everybody, 
I wait that somebody can help me, therefore already I depleted my possibilities. 
I need to develop a site in PHP with access to the Data base Informix. 
The such of the data base alone functions with NTFS (W2k, WNT). 
I installed the W2K Advanced Server in my house... and installed INFORMIX IDS 7.31. 
Now the problems start. 
- It does not obtain to initiate a ISM. service. (Informix Storage Manager). 
I do not know if this influences in some thing. 
- When time to create a new DATABASE... it is in the "RUNNING..." message and stops....
 Now it becomes a big problem! What´s happening? 
- Good... for creating database I was not obtaining success... but.. in databases that 
they were created I obtained to make select, etc.. (this in the DBACCESS). 
So..I asked myself: "If I to obtain to connect to this database and to create a table 
inside already the created database
, could help me".. Correct? Theoretically yes. however in the time that I go to create 
database comes the message of the "RUNNING..."
and again.. freezee in this message.
- Exactly that the bank does not make nothing. I tried to make the connection for the 
We have 2 ways: 
a) Functions IFX of php I take off the commentary of line EXTENSIONS in the PHP.ini 
where I meet DLL PHP_IFX.DLL. 
The DLL is exactly in the way that I passed, however gets an error (unable you load 
dynamic library) 
Piece o cake ah? 
Obs. I also have client in the INFORMIX installed certinho in mine máquinha. 
b) ODBC In the time that I thought about these solutions I had the certainty that my 
problems would go to finish. 
I was missed again..(smiles)
 i have create the ODBC correct and such. I called the function connection to the ODBC 
passing the DSN, USER, PASSWORD. 
And i got an error message. 
Warning: Error SQL: [ Informix][Odbc Informix Driver]Unable you load translation DLL, 
SQL state IM009 in SQLConnect in 
d:\inetpub\wwwroot\teste.php on line 3 
Now... my possibilities if had depleted... 
I do not know more what to make this to function... 
Somebody please, help me. 
My environment is the following one: 
- COMPUTER K6-2 500 
- HD 10GB, MEM RAM 64 MB 
Davi Costa

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