For each message have a autoincrement message ID, an INT field is sufficient I 
would guess. 

Also in each message record, have a parentID field as INT, default this to 0, 
and if the message is a reply to another message, make the parentID = to the 
first message's  ID field. 

When you're displaying titles, query for all messages that have parentID of 0, 
then for each one of those, do a second query for a parentID of that message 

I hope that explanation isn't too convoluted. I'm sure there's other possibly 
better ways to do it, but that's how I've done it in the past. 


On Monday 18 August 2003 6:21 pm, Chris Payne wrote:
> Hi there everyone,
> I have almost finished my forums system (Thanks for the feedback BTW on
> optimizing the basic query code).
> Now that works fine on all 6 forums (Though i've programmed the 6th forum
> differently to allow image uploading and resizing).  My question is this, I
> want people to be able to reply to a message and for any messages that have
> replies to have them indented UNDER the original for selection, how can I
> do this?
> I know I need a reference to the original message, but i'm not sure how to
> do the indenting etc .... and getting it to display under the original
> posters message.
> Any help would be VERY welcome.
> Regards
> Chris Payne

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