What I need to do is figure this out for more than one location at a time. I am displaying Sabbath times for several different cities around the world at once (New York, London, Paris, Jerusalem, Sydney) - i.e. a certain amount of time before sunset, different for each city and each city is in a different dst zone.

Can I do something using setlocale, to change timezones to the city I need, and then use date(I)? Or does date(I) always work only for the US? And what exactly does setlocale change? I couldn't figure out from the notes on php.net.

Thanks for your help,


At 12:06 AM 8/17/03 -0700, Micah Stevens wrote:

As an afterthought, the docs are inspecific on who's daylight savings schedule
that the function returns. There's another user submitted function in the
comments list that takes into account a specific schedule.


On Sunday 17 August 2003 12:43 am, Lisi wrote:
> I have sunset times stored in a database and the a PHP page that performs a
> number of calculations on the retrieved time. One of the things I need to
> figure out is whether or not to add an hour for Daylight Savings Time.
> Since there is more than once location, and each one begins and ends DST at
> a different time, I need to figure this out based on location. My question
> is, how do I figure out whether it's the "first  sunday in April" yet or
> not? I know it has to do with the date() function somehow, I'm just not
> sure how to use it properly in this case - any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> -Lisi

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