Hi All,

I've been working on a database with a web interface for the past few
years in my spare time, and as you can guess, I haven't had much time
lately, and they people I'm doing this for would like to get it
wrapped up if possible.

I'm looking for someone to help me understand/write PHP code (possibly
using PHPLIB and oohforms) to add/edit/delete records in a MySQL
database.  This isn't really hard, except that I need to be able to
add/edit varying numbers of fields in each record, and the records are
split among multiple tables.  The design is quite similar to the ideas
presented in the O'Reilly book on mSQL and MySQL.  There's a main
table, and several subsidiary tables for that data which can have zero
or more entries for each record.

For a better example, take a look at:


and search for the name "Anderson".

As you can see, records can have varying numbers of Roles, References,
Addresses, etc.  The searching of the DB is working just fine, as you
can see, it really just needs some tweaking on the search form side,
but the core is all there.

I've been beating my head out with the PHPLIB oohforms stuff to try
and make it so I can start out with a basic record: heading, ref,
role, authority number, note and address.  I need to be able to allow
the user to add additional roles, references, and addresses when
adding records.

So does anyone out there have either:

1. good oohforms examples?  

2. good ideas on what other PHP libraries I can use to make my life
   simpler, or ideally some code I can steal, file off the serial
   numbers, and re-work to do what I need?

3. Should I try to wrap my brain around Javascript?  

For some piss poor examples of what I'm trying to do with forms, take
a look at:


to see what I've been trying to make work so far.  


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