I have a script that is going into semi-production and during this
process a new problem was uncovered.  I have the table a couple of table
fields setup  as "Not NULL" with a "Default" value.  The problem is that if
the user fails to select anything I get garbage in one of the fields and
nothing in the other.  I think this might be due to the PHP variable
grabbing something, but I am not sure what.  Here is the pertinent code.

{ Code snippet  }
$a = 0;
$accnts = array();
$shells = array();
$grps = array();
$others = array();

mysql_select_db($database, $Prod);
$shell_list = getEnumOptions('accounts','shell');
$shell_tmp = "<select size=\"1\" name=\"shell[]\">\n";
$shell_tmp .= "<option>Default Shell</option>\n";
foreach ($shell_list as $item) {
  $shell_tmp .= "<option>$item</option>\n";
$shell_tmp .= "</select>\n";

$query_groups = "SELECT name FROM grps";
$groups_tmp = mysql_query($query_groups, $Prod) or die(mysql_error());
$grp_list = "<select size=\"1\" name=\"grp[]\">\n";
$grp_list .= "<option>Primary Group</option>\n";
$grp_list .= "<option>-----------</option>\n";
while($name = mysql_fetch_row($groups_tmp)) {
  $grp_list .= "<option>$name[0]</option>\n";
$grp_list .= "</select>\n";

{ Code snippet  }
<form name="form1" method="post" action="account_final.php">

  while (isset($_POST['system'][$a])) { 
        echo "<td width=\"20%\"><div align=\"center\"><font
        echo "<td width=\"20%\"><div
        echo "<td width=\"20%\"><div
        echo "<td width=\"20%\"><div align=\"center\"><input type=\"text\"
name=\"other[]\" value=\"\" size=\"15\"></div></td></tr>";
        $tmp = $sbcuid."-".$_POST['system'][$a];
        array_push( $accnts, $tmp );

        Thanks in advance for any help.

Scott Nipp
Phone:  (214) 858-1289
Web:  http:\\ldsa.sbcld.sbc.com

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