It sounds like you need to read basic documentation on combining SQL queries.

Basically, you need to have a column that is common across both tables.

Eg., in TABLE1 have a column named TABLE1ID. Have the same ID cross referenced in TABLE2. The ID would be sequenced in some way (auto_increment if MySQL).

So it would look like this:

create table1 (
        table1id        number,
        data            varchar);

create table2 (
        table2id        number,
        table1id        number,
        data            varchar);

select * from table1, table2, where table1.table1id = X and table1.table1id = table2.table1id;

If that's still confusing, I suggest you take a look at the massive amount of documentation available on this subject on the web. is a good place to start. It's not necessary to use the complicated LEFT JOIN, INNER JOIN, etc, at first (until you have some pretty complicated queries).

I hope this helps!

- B.

John Ryan wrote:

Is it easy?? Is it possible?? Should I just run 2 different queries and
output their results in the PHP script and make it look like it's all from
the same table

I cant grasp JOIN for the life of me

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