Hi I'm having a little problem ondestanding whats going on....
The problem is that some and only some of my odbc_exec()'s functions while
others don't and cause an segmentation fault in apache1/2
My configuration is SuSE 8.1 with Apache2.0.44, PHP4.3.1 --with-iODBC after
that i've added FreeTDS 0.61 as ODBC-driver for MS-SQL2K, now this works
fine some of the way but not always

odbc_exec($conn,"select id,name from $user_db.dbo.users"); // Works fine no

odbc_exec($conn,"select * from $user_db.dbo.users where (id = '$idz')"); //
Does not work and causes seg fault (11)

Can anyone maby help me explain this error


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