Perhaps change it to an offline report?  I've done that in the past, it
get's scheduled or backgrounded and the results are either emailed to the
person, or generated report stored in the database for quick load later on
(user gets email that report is ready for viewing)..

On Thu, 21 Aug 2003, J. Michael Roberts wrote:

> Okay, I'm going mildly crazy now.
> I've got a huge query that runs and does all sorts of things...but the
> problem is that it's taking longer than the proxy server will allow to
> generate the HTML, thus the browser (IE) reports a timeout.
> I've successfully executed the entire script using Netscape, but Netscape
> appears to be a little more forgiving with it's buffer size than IE does.
> I've tried using a flush() call, but the output that is displayed to the
> user is fairly small in comparasion to all the stuff that's going on in the
> background.
> Is there a way to get IE to display the data it has received on the fly?  If
> not, is there a way to force IE (and netscape) to use a smaller buffer size?
> I've thought about filling up the output buffer with some hidden garbage,
> but that would just be silly.
> Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
> --JMR

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