Thoughts... I've used mssql via PHP on linux via tcp/ip 1433 with good
success and performance..  Never used named pipes (I'm assuming you have
to be an entire ms environment to do that)

You might check into timing the process, perhaps the tcp/ip login is
taking longer for authentication against the mssql server as it could be
anybody connecting.

Might add some timing code into that..

Also depending on how busy things are, be sure all your webservers + sql
systems are hooked together 100MB or faster fully switched network..

, using named pipes, the sqlserver I would assum

On Thu, 21 Aug 2003, JD wrote:

> I used to use named pipes to connect to a remote sql server.  My nt
> department removed anonymous access account and now I have to use tcpip.
> Since the change the performance of the php quering has decreased.  it takes
> more time to load the page.
> anything to look at in the sql configs or in the php.ini file to speed up
> the tcpip query?  Any other ideas would be great.
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