Hello all. I hope this is the best place to ask this (!)

Problem: verified that PHP, MySQL and Apache are all working fine.
My first little project, and search.html and results.php is not working in
Redhat 9. 
If I fail to enter a search term, I get the expected error message, but that
is just Apache, it's not even executing any PHP. When I enter a search term,
the results.php page loads with the proper page title, but the rest of the
page is blank.

**However**, the exact same project files work just as expected on my Mac
running OS X though... hmm: which is running Apache 1.3, PHP 4.1.2 and MySQL

So I have to wonder, what am I missing in Redhat ?

What I've done, what I'm doing:

I am learning MySQL and PHP, working through a lovely O'Reilly text.

I have MySQL and PHP and Apache all working fine on an istall of Redhat
Linux 9. I can work with MySQL in the terminal (command-line), and have even
installed MySQL Control Center (a fairly nice GUI).

My "hello.php" loads fine and returns "Hellow world" in my web-browser when
I load http://localhost/hello.php

The default Apache page loads, as do a simple index.html file when I put one
in place.

Apache 2 is running, PHP is version 4.2.2, MySQL is 4.0
I checked permissions and ownership of the "search.html" and "results.php"
files. My "results.php" file is setup the same (ownership & executable
flags) as my "hello.php" file (which does work).

My Apache error log offers nothing helpful. I cannot find any MySQL error
log in Redhat (checked and triple-checked), and
I can't seem to find any php error log. The php.ini file really doesn't
help, in terms of knowing where to look for an error log

I know this is long, but I've been as thorough as I know how to be - please
help ! (TIA)

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