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> I'm not sure how to explain this, I'm totally new to MySQL and SQL as a
> whole, this is my first ever code using SQL at plz bare with me
> here...
> I'm working with PHP 4.2.3 and MySQL 4.something (not certain what version
> the end-server runs).
> For a game clan I'm in (MPE 1A in Earth: 2025 - 1a), I'm working on a DB
> to
> store some rather game-specific info. It's only a single table in the DB,
> but the table is indexed by the field 'id'.

Is that your Primary Key? Does this ID have a meaning to you, or is it

> Whenever someone wants to add data to the table, they fill out a form, hit
> submit and either get an error about wrong or missing data, or if ok get a
> preview before being able to finally add it to the table. As the script is
> now, it will attempt to add the data to the table, but if already there,
> nothing happens, and there's no response to the user about it.

Do you mean if the ID is already there?

> I want it to give a feedback message that the data is already in the
> table,
> and bump ppl back to the edit form with that message. For the other things
> the script checks, all it does is load the variable $error with the
> error-message and set a phase-flag to the right value, and then the page
> generation part knows that there's been an error, and regenerates the
> entry
> form with the submitted data. So what I want, is to have the add data part
> to just change the two variables needed for the error system to see
> there's
> something wrong, but I've got no idea what I need to change in the code to
> do that. I've searched google and the archives, but come up with
> nothing...
> Here's the add-data part of the code...the variables in the comment is
> just
> so that I know what kind of data are in each variable, rather than what
> they're actually set to in the DB:
> elseif ($phase == 3) {
> /*
>    num / id = int
>    country = string
>    nw = int
>    gov = string
>    strat = string
>    ally = string
>    spies = int
>    totdef = int
>    totoff = int
>    owner = string
>   */
>    mysql_connect($host,$username,$password);
>    @mysql_select_db($database) or die('Unable to select database');
>    $query = "INSERT INTO ally2ally VALUES
> ('".$_POST['num']."','".$_POST['country']."','".$_POST['nw']."','".$_POST['gov']."','".$_POST['strat']."','".$_POST['spies']."','".$_POST['totdef']."','".$_POST['totoff']."','".$_POST['ally']."','".$_POST['owner']."')";
>    mysql_query($query);
>    mysql_close();
> }
> the error message part is simply this:
> <?php
>    // if there is an error in the submitted data, display the error
> message
>    if (isset($error)) {
> ?>
> <table>
>    <tr>
>      <td><?php echo($error); ?></td>
>    </tr>
> </table><br>
> <br>
> <?php
>    }
> ?>
> The rest of the code is not essential in this aspect. I just need some
> help
> to figure out how to make the script tell the user that it can't add the
> data because the ID is already in the database...(that's the first field
> btw).

I'm still not sure what exactly you want to do. But usually you make your
ID an AUTO_INCREMENT. That way you don't have to worry about giving the
same ID twice.



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