Hi there everyone,

I have a database with email addresses from people who sign up for a newsletter on my 
website.  Now, I have a utility i've written where they can save the addresses as a 
CSV file on their computer if they are logged in and the admin.  What I would love to 
know, is how can I reserve this?  What I mean is, if there is a CSV file with a single 
field (EMail) i'd like to be able to insert the data into the database from a file 
which would be selected from the admins computers.

I can select a file from the computer no problem, what i'm not sure how to do is to go 
through the CSV file, and import the EMail addresses into a record of their own (IE: 
id1,id2,id3 rather than all in 1 row)).

Any help / code tips would be REALLY appreciated :-)



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