Hi guys,

I am resending the same query again because still stuck on it.

I have been working in php/oracle for quite some time now but recently had to shift 
myself to mysql and I am struggling with a particular query here.

Scenario is, certain researchers can submit their proposals and those proposal are 
stored in a table researcher. 
proposals are of 2 types lets say type 1 and type 2.
Later they can view their own submited proposals which is working fine, but there is 
one new condition now.What my client wants is that these researchers can view all 
proposals of type 2 but only those proposals of type 1 should be displayed to a 
researcher whose submit date is greater than a certain date lets say '2003-08-01'. Now 
how do I create a single query which can return me such results. I know there is a way 
with join but cant find a solution, with oracle I would have used sub query but that 
cannot be done on mysql so I need your guys help thanks

Table name: researcher

Concerned fields
pid <-- porposal id
rid <-- researcher id
ptype <--- proposal type
submitd <-- submission date.

I would use rid = 42 and for ptype = 1 submitd should be greater than '2003-08-01' and 
there is no restriction of date with ptype =2.

Thanks again.
if there is something not clear feel free to ask

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