From: "Aaron Wolski" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Having a brain laps and not sure where in the manual to look and sadly I
> need a QUICK solution.
> I have a date formatted in a table like: 20030826132457
> Now.. I went to MySQL timestamp from UNIX timestamps because I like the
> readability of them when just looking at the Tables. How would I format
> the date something like: August 26, 2003??
> I could easily do this with a UNIX timestamp.. not sure if the same is
> possible with this type of timestamp. Also.. I can't use the MYSQL
> functions to format the data into a UNIX TimeStamp. not int his query.

How about using DATE_FORMAT() in your query to format the date? It works
almost the same way as date() in PHP.

If not, run the date through strtotime() and then use date() to format it.

---John Holmes...

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