I have about 25 or so images that I would like to serve up on my site's home page. I 
would like the image to change every 3 days or so. Does anyone have a hint as to how I 
might go about doing this in a simple fashion? 

I don't want it to be random, but I do want it to cycle through the images and then 
start over again. 

Some initial thoughts: 
I could just set up a custom index rather than a simple series (1,2,3...). I could 
then serve up the image that matches the current day of the month or matches a day 
range. But this gets tricky because I don't have exactly 31 images, and there are 
obviously shorter months. AND, I want to be able to enter more images without breaking 
the code.

I could do it randomly, and also store an "exclusion list", so every three days, my 
page gets a new random image whose index is not stored in this exclusion list. This 
seems like the most likely approach, but sounds like extra work.

Any ideas? tnks


Matthew J. Horn

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