Hi there,

No that's the strange thing.  I have written several websites for him which
all work fine, this new website is in development and works fine on the 2
PC's here and 3 friends in the UK it's only on HIS machine that this doesn't
work.  And that's what's odd, I am using the same PHP display engine for the
new website as the other websites which work fine.

He sent me a screengrab with what happens on the menu page on the left, it
tries to open the page for about an hour, then says there is an error and it
can't be opened - but it can be here on both machines (Both my dev and my
wifes) and is fine on 3 PC's in the UK (I'm in Orlando, FL) so I can't see
it being anything wrong with the code, but then why would it not work for
him when the other sites which use the same PHP menu code do?

Oh and he's using IE 6 the same as me on Windows XP - the only difference is
I use XP Pro for dev work.

Very odd.


> Is is just your site.  does he have problems with other internet/php
> i.e www.php.net?
> jeff
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Stange PHP bug?
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> Hi there,
> This is the strange thing, it works on the other PHP sites i've done for
> him, and this new one uses exactly the same menu/display engine as the
> other
> sites I wrote for him, so there shouldn't be any problems in THEORY, it's
> just the most strange thing i've ever seen.  I've told him if all else
> fails
> reinstall windows, i've got him downloading Mozilla to see as if that
> we then KNOW it's his explorer, though he won't see the CSS Shadows etc
> ....
> with Mozilla, atleast I can breathe easy and know for SURE it isn't my
> coding (Though as I said before, PHP and MySQL aren't selective when they
> run and when they don't, they either work or you get horrible error
> messages
> :-)
> Chris
> > Chris,
> >
> > Like you say doesnt seem to be php, I'd be suspecting XP's firewall
> settings on his dial up connection, can you try a different connection,
> does
> this happen with all php sites? Not much help I know!
> >
> > Dan
> >
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> > Hi There,
> >
> > I'm developing a website for my boss, and it works PERFECTLY for me and
> everyone else i've shown it too, but when my boss goes to the page
> that is PHP related just doesn't show up on his machine.
> >
> > He is using Windows XP with Explorer 6, just like my development
> but no PHP or Databases show up, it's just either the background images OR
> after an hour he gets a timeout - but he's the only person who has this
> problem.  Has anyone seen this before?  I'm sure it's not a PHP/MySQL
> as a script either works or it doesn't, could it be his installation of
> Explorer?  He's on dialup in the UK, but my friend from the UK is on
> broadband with the same setup and it works fine for him.
> >
> > Sorry this isn't an actual PHP/MySQL technical question, but I thought
> that somebody might be able to back me up as I think it's his browser.
> >
> > Any thought?
> >
> > Chris
> >
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