Hi. Thanks for all your help with the referer and the "and, or || && subject.

I realize that neither of my questions were database related. I've looked again at the email lists offered on the PHP site and see now that there is a general user list. I had somehow missed that before and felt I had to choose only from Internationalization and the other options that also did not apply to me.

I appreciate your help in assisting with these two simple questions. I do try to find the answers in the manual before asking on the list. I haven't read it cover to cover for a couple years, now (I don't often program in PHP - I usually use Lasso), but did review the section on control structures before asking about the II and &&, and read the section on variables and constants before asking about the referer. I had searched for referer online, but was spelling it "referrer", instead, which I thought was the proper spelling. Even when I do spell it referer, I don't come up with what you have provided, but instead session.referer_check which doesn't seem to be the same thing.

Your assistance has been very helpful and I really appreciate it. I could never have found what I needed in the manual. I'm sorry to have gotten off the subject of databases and will ask future general questions where they belong - on the general questions list.

Thanks again for your help.

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