One question:

Do you mean that a & b are from the same column but are row 1 & 2 from
your query result.?

If so, you can possibly write a loop like so

Dump all your records in an array;
Start loop for as long you find records in array
        Take the first record from your array and dump it into a
variable (var1);
        Move the value from the variable var1 to another variable
        If both variables are set
                Print the two variables with the html tags you want;
                Unset both variables;
Add a handler to make sure you get the last records if it happens to be
an od number off records;

You'll have to do your own coding around this logic.

Good luck


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> I'm not sure i understand the problem.
>  a,c,e come from one query result and b,d,f from another?

No, they all come from the same table, but the same field name but from
different rows of the database.

> If it's all from the same query why not do :
> reult=mysql_query(".....
> While($row = mysql_fetch_object($result)) {
>     Echo"<TR><TD>$row->feild_A</TD><TD>$row->feild_B</TD></TR>";
> }
> </TABLE>

This method does not grap data from 2 rows at atime.

I examined my example and noticed I goofed, it should have read...



Same field, but diffeent rows.

Sorry for the confusion.


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